About us..

Our Credentials:

We are an Australian company that has been custom making orthotic devices for healthcare professionals for 20 years, making in excess of 100,000 prescribed orthotics for patients around the world. We also manufacture prefab orthoses and additions. So it’s fair to say we know a thing or two
about feet, foot types, foot problems, manufacturing materials and manufacturing techniques. This is what we do.

Our Product:

With the above experience we have designed, developed, patented and manufactured a forefoot gel pad that we have named Podsoft.
Only this week our product won an inventor’s award for innovation from the Queensland Government.
This is the only functional fore foot device anywhere in the world. It offers the customer real comfort and support for under the balls of their feet.

The marketplace has a number of flat forefoot pads designed to cushion or ‘soften’ the impact between the ground and the compromised position the forefoot is in when in a shoe. We have looked more closely into foot anatomy and foot mechanics to create a totally new triplanar design implementing design principles specific to the foot’s position within a shoe.  No other in-shoe generic device
incorporates a triplanar anatomical approach to its design.

Our product is the only functional forefoot gel pad sold anywhere in the world. Next year 2012 it will be sold to the biggest retailers in North America under private label, with Europe set to follow.

When was the last time you treated your
feet to a night out on the town?

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